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Are you wasting time looking for things you know you have
  because they don’t have a designated place?
Are you purchasing things you know you have
  because you can’t find them?
Are you parking your cars outside
  because your garage is full of other things?
Do you have boxes and you don't know what they contain
  because they haven’t been unpacked since you moved several years ago?
Do you feel like you’re drowning in paper
  because there are piles everywhere?
Are you reluctant to invite guests into your home
  because of the clutter?

Cheryl’s’ Organizing Concepts offers organizing solutions that are personalized
to fit your needs. We provide the best possible service.
Our friendly professional organizers will make getting organized an enjoyable experience.
We will exceed your expectations.

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Meet Cheryl

      I began my organizing business in 2002 and am a proud member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). I operate from the simple philosophy - Many people can benefit from professional help when it comes to organization. Even those capable of doing this on their own are much more likely to tackle what they may otherwise consider an unpleasant task with the aid of a professional. My greatest organizing strength is the fact that being organized is a way of life for me, not an acquired skill. I have been able to define this skill so that I may share it in a meaningful way with others. My B.S. degree in Education, M.S. in Computer Management, 10 years experience as a teacher of computer classes for adults, and 25 years working as a computer specialist for the federal government makes it easy for me to encourage lasting organizational changes with my clients. I attempt to break down ideas and communicate them in a way that my clients can easily understand and put to use in their own lives.

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says Clarksburg based professional organizer Cheryl Larson.
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